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Hum AAP Ke Hein CONgress

By on Dec 29, 2013 | 3 comments

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Finally Kejariwal has taken the oath as the new Chief Minister of Delhi and already assumed the office. Having followed Arvind Kejariwal and having participated in the Anna Hazare led nation-wide agitation for the Jan Lokpal bill, formation of AAP came as a big surprise to me. Having read Kejariwal’s interviews that he’s a ‘common man’ who does not want to fight elections (which, by the way, looked very truthful & promising), Kejariwal forming a new political party was the last thing I’d have expected.

But the reality is that Kejariwal has already became the Chief minister of Delhi – with a promise that AAP will clean up the politics by becoming a part of the system. I seriously do not know where is this heading.

People said Kejariwal is the backup plan for Congress think tank; and I rejected their opinions outright. But the fact is that Kejariwal has joined hands with Congress and has formed government with their support! We simply can’t ignore this big, bold FACT! Is this how the politics in India evolving? Is Kejariwal the ‘Nayak’ that we saw in movies?

I’m sitting on the fence – between BJP and the AAP; with my both legs towards the BJP side. I still want Modi to become the Prime Minister of India; because I want someone who’s got the experience and a proven track record. Modi haters – please stop popping out that bullshit ‘communal’ card. Though I do not believe in Indian Judiciary system, all the special investigation teams that were appointed by Congress have found Modi not guilty of the riots. If Modi builds great roads in India – they’ll will be open to everyone – irrespective of your religion.

For 2014, my vote still goes to the BJP – only because that will help Modi become the CM. I know the BJP isn’t all ‘clean’; but I will still vote for them because I want the top job to be taken up by someone who can ‘lead’, who can take decisions for us; and not someone who comes back to me asking for decisions. My belief is that you need a benevolent dictator to rule a country and group decisions do not work!

It’d be interesting to see how Kejariwal evolves. I hope he does a good job in Delhi. But I definitely want Mr. Modi to be India’s PM in 2014.


  1. ameya

    January 1, 2014

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    I totally agree with you. Also AAP seems to be Marxist in disguise.

    When we have such a huge shortage of natural resources these people are giving out freebies. Can a country such as ours sustain Free 700 L water to its people everyday ? We know how wasteful we are when something is given to us for free. This will only lead to wastage.

    I am total skeptic of Kejriwal’s ability to govern. They keep on changing sides depending on a polls which they themselves conduct. How do we know the authenticity of their polls ? Also what made Kejriwal take support of Congress which has been the spearhead of corruption for the past 5 years ? Why congress and not the BJP ? The reason is , if he had taken support of BJP he couldn’t have become the CM.

    My biggest concern is this will embolden the freeby culture which Congress had introduced since independence. Kejriwal knows his government can’t last for more than 3 months so he will empty out the treasury for freebies and after that his wasteful methods won’t be sustainable for the next government, so he will have a stick to beat the next government with. He will say we gave free water free electricity but the Congress or BJP government is not able to do so.

    Honesty and all is very good but foolishness is not. We want leaders who are non corrupt and think in terms of sustainable growth. As of now only Modi seems to fit the bill.

    • The Big K

      January 1, 2014

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      Good comment! People who were cribbing about shortage of water will now begin wasting all the free water being given to them. I like Modi’s strategy – he ensured enough supply to those who can affrod it than give things away for free.

      I was bit surprised that Kejariwal didn’t go with BJP. From all the latest happenings, I’ve concluded that AAP is actually a brainchild of the Congress strategists who knew it’s going to be harder for them to contest elections in the name of ‘Congress’ and in order to stop BJP from getting into power; they must have an ‘alternative’ – hence AAP.

      • ameya

        January 1, 2014

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        The most shocking aspect of this present scenario is that although the Congress were voted out of the power by the people of Delhi , they hold all the cards. They have the power now to topple AAP government or make them govern for 5 years. And AAP had always declared they will dig the records of corrupt Delhi ministers of the past. If they go after Congress ministers , surely their government will fall. Will AAP take such a risk ? One view says they will take that risk , but before doing that they will give away lot of subsidies , in turn emptying the Delhi government treasury. The other view suggests they will hold tight to the chair. Which means they will go after BJP leaders who did corruption 15 years ago (Congress was in power for the last 15 years in Delhi). We can’t rule out this possibility , simply because AAP seemed very eager to form a government even if it meant taking support from Congress. I recall before the results came out they were very vocal about not taking support of either BJP or Congress. But after that they came up with opinion polls. If this happens it will be very sad. Both BJP and Congress have corrupt people but on the average Congress is more corrupt. And I would like to see Congress leaders punished more an an average. Even in the past, AAP seemed more eager to go after BJP leaders such as Gadkari. To be fair to them at that point, they did take up the Vadra case. But will they have the power to go after Congress ministers now ? I highly doubt.

        On another note , as you also agree the most sad outcome of all this is the subsidy culture. Why give anything free to the people. And irony is that the poorest people who need the freebies won’t at present get anything for free as they don’t have meterized water supplies. So in effect the middle class and the rich class will benefit the most. And we know how wasteful both these classes are if they get free stuff. Construction of roads and all, which the BJP focusses on as is evidenced in Gujarat , MP or Atal Behari Vajpayee’s time brings in slow results but the results are sustainable. Infrastructure development benefits the poor as well as they get jobs as labour is needed. It also connects the villages to the cities, thus the farmer can sell his stuff easily. Congress focuses on providing free stuff like MNREGA and now AAP is doing the same in terms of water and cheap power.

        The most well managed of countries – i.e the Nordic countries like Norway , Denmark , etc Tax their people heavily but they deliver in terms of governance.

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