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10 Minutes On Facebook & Things I Noticed

By on Dec 31, 2013 | 5 comments

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I’m not a fan of social networking and haven’t been active on Facebook since majority of Indians decided to ditch Orkut. Make no mistake; I do have a Facebook account; which I had created in order to allow for ‘Facebook Login’ feature. The only page I’ve used so far is the Apps settings page and the Facebook brand page. I decided to take a break and spend some time checking out what makes Facebook so addictive.

I logged in to the site and had a look at my notifications (~100+) and friend requests (from people had I ran into at various occasions). I spent some time scrolling down my wall and found few interesting things.

I realised that more than connections, Facebook is all about photos and making your, otherwise boring life look super amazing on your ‘wall’. It’s about making the most boring, mundane, unfunniest of the moments look ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. I’m not criticising; but it’s astonishing to know how these things matter to people.

My prediction is that Facebook will soon be replaced by a mobile messenger service like WhatsApp in near future. Facebook’s days are numbered; because WhatsApp makes it darn easier to upload and share photos.


  1. Sundeep

    January 2, 2014

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    Agree that Facebook’s days are numbered. But I don’t think whatsapp would go the Facebook way.

    On Whatsapp, people talk to people only whom they know already and have there contact information (mobile number), unless you have a single large group. Hence, the chances of meeting new people are limited.

    Where as it would be fun to know, what the next big thing would be!

  2. TTS

    January 13, 2014

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    Totally agree! Nobody really stays in tough through Facebook. It’s just a tool for showing off and exaggerating stuff!

  3. shruti

    February 20, 2014

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    Wow Dude! FB bought Whatsapp for 19billion $!!! You got this solved!!!!!!!!

  4. Joyati

    February 24, 2014

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    Your thoughts on FB echo mine in many ways. But that doesn’t stop me from using fb though. Ur intro says that u dislike friends who don’t keep in touch. So fb makes it easier for me to be out of the “dislike” list of my friends. Sometimes a small click on the like button helps. Apart from that WhatsApp serves the purpose. It’s uncomplicated just like me 🙂 and yes ur prediction that WhatsApp is up to give a tough fight to fb was true. Well Mark ate watsapp nd im hoping that he keeps it’s simplicity intact!!

  5. Sandhya Menon

    March 28, 2014

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    Yes, it is absolutely true. And another thing I have noticed is that two supposed-to-be Friends in fb who might chat all round the day, when they meet in person never talks with each other. I have seen even instances where they avoid meeting each other in person, but might continue chatting through fb. I really don’t get this point.

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