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Open Letter To Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

By on Jan 8, 2014 | 6 comments

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Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,

Chief Minister, Delhi

Date: 8 January 2014

Subject: Division of Anti-Congress Votes Through AAP

Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

I’ve been following the anti-corruption agitation and people’s fight for the Lokpal Bill for a long time now. I was delighted to see a fellow engineer becoming rising to become a leader and leading the anti-corruption crusade along with Hon. Anna Hazare. I instantly became your fan and started following your interviews on TV and the Internet. I also remember hopelessly returning home because I couldn’t listen to you when you had arrived in my city for a speech. I wished for your good health when you declared fast unto death. However, your recent moves and my own little study of politics leads me a different type of reality – that you are the ‘b-plan’ (backup) of Congress.

Here’s the summary of my analysis: In 2009-10; the Congress think tank gathered together to figure out how to fight the BJP in the general elections of 2014. Given the endless list of scams that got exposed during UPA tenure; the Congress think tank new that even with Rahul Gandhi as their PM candidate, it’s going to be impossible for them to get back to power. How do you fix that situation? By creating an alternative that promises to be ‘the party’ people have been waiting for! That’s when, all of a sudden, TV News channels started showing anti-corruption movement on TV and you became the face of Aam Aadmi.

Then in all your interviews – you said that you will NEVER contest elections. I trusted you and put all my faith in you. When you declared ‘aar-paar ki ladhai’ against corruption and the Lokapal bill, you made my trust in you go up 10x. But Mr. Kejriwal, ‘fast-unto-death’ is what it is – that you fast unto death if your demands are not met. People supported you because they were concerned about the men who were betting their lives for them!

…and then you abort your fast and declare a political party!

The Aam Aadmi Party

…and then in all your interviews, you said that no matter what – we’ll never hold hands with Congress or the BJP. But then Delhi voted for BJP and you got into #2 position. I expected you to stick to your words and NOT join hands with Congress or BJP. And what do I see? You break your promise and join hands with Congress to become the chief minister. Why did you not let re-elections to happen? Why did you break your promise? And I don’t buy that ‘referrendum’ shit. People would have loved to vote you to majority than vote for some dumb-ass internal referendum.

I don’t want to talk about how eager you were to move into a Duplex Bunglow and how your ministers got into VIP cars. That’s another promise broken; apart from filing no cases against Sheila Dixit (remember, you said had all the proofs ready). I don’t mind you and your ministers moving into a posh bungalow or using Government cars with VIP numbers. My bigger concern is this :-

Why the heck are you rushing into Loksabha Elections?

I mean, seriously? You are ‘the party’ right? You’re supposed to be ‘the change maker’. You aren’t supposed to be hungry for the power! Come on, you told us you never wanted to fight elections! So why rush into Loksabha Elections, Mr. Kejriwal? I know you said you won’t contest Lok Sabha elections, but like you did in the past; we surely know you’ll contest the elections. Just declare it; don’t go for that shitty referrundum again.

It looks like the real motto of AAP is simple: Stop Narendra Modi from becoming the prime minister. I think that’s what the Congress wanted, and you’re exactly doing that. Remember that all the courts and SITs have given a clean chit to Mr. Modi and it’s a fact that he’s done some awesome job in Gujarat. If you are ‘the nice man’ as you look; you should stop dividing the anti-Congress votes. Congress back into power with AAP’s support; or AAP ruling the centre with Congress’ support is the last thing I’d want to see in 2014.

I hope all of the above is wrong and you are really the ‘Aam Aadmi’. I hope Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India.


The Big K

PS: I’m not proud of my English skills and I never proof read my blog posts. Grammar Ninjas may comment and let me know all the fixes.


  1. ameya

    January 11, 2014

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    Nice one. It’s time we such open letters came out. Most of the time in ‘paid’ media open letters to Mr Modi are written.

    This Congressi support of AAP may not have been the case since the very beginning of the lokpal movement. But the Congress party is the true successor of the British Raj. Divide and Rule is what they learned from their colonial cousins. Congress has certainly got hold of a brilliant idea to divide opposition votebase. They may or may not be directly in league with AAP. But they certainly are allowing the AAP to grow.
    Look at the ‘paid’ media. AAP seems to have become their darling . Ever notice how little they speak of BJP’s good governance be it in MP , Goa and least of all Gujarat. Why is the media allowing some party which is supposed to be opposed to Congress to gain so much space. Because they have the Congress go ahead. Congress knows it will not get middle class vote. It relies heavily on votes from rural areas and votebanks. But a heavy vote in favor of BJP from 15 crore middle class could change the election. Hence divide this vote by propping up AAM aadmi party.

    All in all I will say like Sherlock Holmes would have said :- I am appalled by Congressi corruption but I am impressed by their political shrewdness.

    This whole referendum thing wont work in India , where most of the people are poor and uneducated. I am sure the middle class will always opt for freebies instead of infrastructure. Only a strong decisive cabinet can sees India through this tough economic phase.

  2. preet

    January 13, 2014

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    Comment..its superb someone has enter in politics who not only say but do also who not just give hopes bt have a courage to fulfill it

    • The Big K

      January 13, 2014

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      Should they themselves not have patience to prove that they actually mean what they’re ‘showing’? All Kejriwal does in first few days of power is give 700 free liters of water to middle and upper-class of Delhi – who have metered connections – and everyone declares Kejriwal is ‘THE HERO’ we’ve been waiting for.

      Remember Sushil Kumar Shinde too had announced that he’ll give free electricity to all the farmers in Maharashtra?

      It takes no brain to do that!

      What about Kejriwal announcing a plan to provide water to all the people in Delhi and starting groundwork on implementing it?

      I want Kejriwal to succeed; but not in a way he’s doing it. I hope he’s not the b-plan of Congress.

      • shruti

        February 20, 2014

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        AK is the plan B of Congress or else he would not have put candidates against Congress as shown in his first list of 20 candidates. All are from Congress and BSP. All Yogendra YADAV, Sisodia have workd Iin National Advisory Council of Sonia. I wil mail you later more info.

        • faieza

          March 3, 2014

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          A weak blog .Should have covered more like ford funding , copying the book of nagpal , khaps support , promises broken .

          Am sure you can do better . CHEERS

          • The Big K

            March 3, 2014

            I could have written 500 more lines. But what’s the point? I’m more in favour of writing shorter blogs and make a point. Everyone knows what Kejriwal is and what his intentions are.


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