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Why has Kejriwal not replied to my letter?

By on Mar 2, 2014 | 0 comments

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I decided to watch Kejriwal’s speech in UP today and he was all gunfire against Modi. During his speech, Kejriwal said that he wrote a letter to NaMo (which he has made public already) and NaMo has not replied to his mail. He questioned ‘why’? He went on to say if NaMo can’t reply to Aam Aadmi’s letter; how will NaMo react when he comes to power?

Dear Kejriwal,

Your argument is that NaMo has not replied to your letter and you are an ‘Aam Aadmi’. For your kind information, I’ve written a letter to you, and made it public. You have not replied to me either! I’m an Aam Aadmi too and you’re totally ignoring me. Is it that you will only respond to the ‘khaas’ TV channels who favour you?

I remember you had said in a TV interview that you aren’t interested in fighting Lok Sabha elections and now we’re hearing that you’ve rolled up sleeves against NaMo and might fight him directly. Can you justify so many U-turns you’re taking? You’ve also said that you will not support any party or take support from any party. Now, today you said that AAP will win 100 seats in Lok Sabha elections and no one will be able to form government without YOUR SUPPORT. So, you are going to support someone – and that is Congress, as we all know from your Delhi episode.

If time permits, do reply to my letter as well.


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