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The Kejriwal Damage

By on Apr 8, 2014 | 0 comments

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The bigger damage Kejriwal has done to India and Indians is that there won’t be any anti-corruption movement in foreseeable future. Those (like me) who supported Kejriwal and Anna Andolan with all vigour will feel cheated and if all the forthcoming anti-corruption movements will never have the response like the earlier ones.

The young people who’re revering Kejriwal will realise how politics works (and its beyond your normal brain, people!) and we’ll be back to believing “Iss Desh Ka Kucch Nahi Ho Sakta”. Getting slapped again and again, gaining sympathy, organising attack on oneself, getting ink thrown on face is all a part of this dirty game. The players must look like ‘a real aam aadmi’ so that it’s easy to fake ‘mango man-ness’.

I’m appalled to see the young generation being misled by the screwed politicians. I’ll leave you with this Dialogue from Dhoom 3. Make your own decisions and draw your own conclusions. But vote for Modi!

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