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Dear MBAs, Please Keep Your Money-Making Ideas To Yourself!

By on Jul 14, 2014 | 0 comments

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I’ve observed a pattern – if you start talking anything slightly related to business to an MBA; they’ll immediately transform their soul and bodies into high-profile consultants who can tell you how to make millions out of nothing! They’ll jump with joy in their own minds and excited as hell about how ‘smart’ that they are to come up with money making ideas – for ‘your’ business. It’s such a predictable pattern that I can start accepting money from people to show this to you in real life.

But here’s the fine line: these guys will *NEVER* use their own ideas. They’ll tell you the idea and also work up all the finances themselves and even write a business plan on the back of tissue paper. But *NEVER* set their foot in business!

My advice: Keep your money making ideas and free business consultancy to yourself.

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