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Surviving In The Bindass World

By on Aug 1, 2014 | 0 comments

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Incident #1 :

We ordered t-shirts in bulk from someone who we had known through mutual friends. While we hope to suck 0.00% when it comes to people who buy from us; and which means delivering stuff well on time. After getting convinced 10 times from him that he’ll deliver on day X; we made public announcement about the launch.

Now just X-2 days ago; this someone is totally not prepared for the delivery at all. Nor he’s checked the designs. Plus, he doesn’t bother to inform us and calmly tells us that the delivery will be late by about 5 days.


Incident #2 :

Mr. ABC asks us whether we can get people for his webinar. Since the topic of the webinar is interesting, we agree to help him out. He sends us the details of what topics he’ll cover through webinar and we start attracting people. Since then, this guy is totally silent. Absolutely no effort from him in selecting the service for delivering webinar, conveying us the time he’d be available and whether he’d conduct Q/A – and through what mode. He says “You make the arrangements and let me know 2 days in advance”. W-T-F??!


When will people start being responsible?

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