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The Fabolous Life Of………..Other People On Facebook!

By on Aug 3, 2014 | 1 comment

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I’m totally convinced that Facebook App on smart phones is one of the worst things that has happened to the humans and mankind in this century so far. The app single handedly is responsible for making the entire world look fabulous compared to ours; because everyone out there is having fun, enjoying life and living life to the fullest! In contrast, your own life looks like the most unhappening routine.

I wonder why do some people are so addicted to checking completely useless and idiotic updates from people? Forwarded jokes are okay; but most of the other people’s awesome life updates make you feel dull and uncool – and it’s completely natural. Constantly checking your Facebook and WhatsApp feed and seeing other people have 1000% fun round the clock makes you sad – admit it.

The fact however is that their life isn’t a dot better than yours. It’s high time that you realize it. And even though you know it, you won’t accept it. Because you’ve been conditioned to believe in what your eyes show you.

I feel quite good that I never got on to Facebook. Yeah, I do have an account which I must use to keep our business page working; but I’m seriously thinking about deleting it too. It’s got nothing but a few thousand likes from people who clicked the button and never returned. I got on to WhatsApp when it wasn’t abused, but now – I’m thinking about deleting it as well. I’m happy calling my friends ones in a while and keep my focus on the work that gives me pleasure 24×7.

Look at this nice video –

Please control your addictions.

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  1. Sandra John

    January 2, 2015

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    I totally agree. I was on facebook for some time in the past but I am sooooo glad that I have not used Facebook for 4.5 years and can enjoy multiple things and not be bothered about posting it or showing the world how happy I am. Its a irritating habit, to check feeds constantly my mom n sister are addicted to faceboook, and it gets on my nerves. There we will be enjoying a beautiful moment and all my sis will be about is clicking a pic to showcase it. Living and enjoying a moment to the fullest has lost its meaning. Wish people would just understand this that when with family or close friends to avoid doing all this. 🙂

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