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Paper Boat Drinks – Quick Review

By on Dec 24, 2014 | 0 comments

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The folks at Paper Boat drinksĀ asked me whether I’d be interested in trying out their latest drinks – Tulsi Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea. I had no reason to say no – because they’d send me the packs free of cost and all I had to do is taste them and tell all of you what I think. Having tried other flavours of Paper Boat drinks, I already knew that their drinks taste awesome (it’s more authentic when I say it). I had already tried Jaljeera, Kokum, Jamun and their Aam Panna is already my favorite among all the drinks available in the market.

Our initial communication happened a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about it. It was just about an hour ago that the courier boy delivered the parcel at my place. The paper boat guys sentĀ their latest flavours – Tulsi Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea. So far I’ve tried Tulsi Tea flavour and declare it as an awesome tasting drink. I’d have loved had they added some more Tulsi to the drink; but the overall taste is super! I’ll follow up with my opinion on the taste of the second flavour soon.

Update: Ginger Lemon is nice too; but I liked the Tulsi Tea flavor more!

For Rs. 30, you get 250 ml of the drink packed in a cool looking pack. I remember reading somewhere that the guys won an award for their packaging. What I liked even more is that they delivered the parcel to me in a nice bag! Check-

Paper Boat : Tulsi Tea and Lemon Ginger Tea

Paper Boat : Tulsi Tea and Lemon Ginger Tea


If you are thirsty and have an option to choose between Paper Boat, Pepsi and Cola; I’d strongly recommend picking up any of Paper Boat flavours. You won’t regret. You’ve my word for it.

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