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What’s wrong with ‘Swadeshi’?

By on Feb 16, 2013 in Common Sense | 0 comments

It saddens me to see growing number of people who ‘believe’ that anything ‘Indian’ is bad and low-quality. ‘Swadeshi’ is being equated with all things that can’t compete in the global market because they are lower quality. A local ‘dant manjan’ is treated as a ‘low quality’ product than the ‘Close-Up’ or ‘Pepsodent’. Why? because Close-Up and Pepsodent have big bugs to promote lies through their advertisements. I’ll tell you – I’ve been using close-up and Pepsodent ever since I was a kid – and they didn’t prevent ‘cavities’. You lied, ‘brands’! People are idiots. I’m now convinced that if I tell a lie to people with ‘confidence’, they will believe me. It will take time; but they WILL believe me. All it takes is a great...

“Little Little Joys Of Life” Is *Totally Over-Rated*

By on Dec 26, 2012 in Common Sense | 0 comments

Because I’m an entrepreneur, I receive this ‘free advice’ from people who are employee-types (it’s more of a mindset thing) – don’t miss out on “little little joys of life”. Because I run a venture, it occupies my mind for major part of the day; leaving me no time to gossip, watch daily soaps, bitch about people, see other people’s photographs on facebook, forward TGIF emails, catch first-day-first show of latest movie release, badmouth company policies & managers, like status messages of people, keep up to date with who’s married to whom & who clicked new photo in front of Niagara falls, sleep late until 8-8:30 in the morning, blame life, do nothing, sleep all-day-long on Sunday, spend 30-45 minutes travel to office and so on. So, through the eyes of most people; I live a totally boring life. I’m not...

So, You’re Not Burning Crackers This Diwali?

By on Nov 12, 2012 in Common Sense | 3 comments

I see a great trend being followed everywhere and it’s called ‘Green Diwali’. The idea is not to burn crackers because it causes two types of pollution – air pollution and sound pollution. People who aren’t burning crackers feel they care ‘more’ for environment than others (who burn crackers) and I think that’s stupid. So you really care for the environment? How about taking a public transport or car-pooling instead of driving your car alone to the office? How about turning off your your two-wheeler at a traffic signal if you’re going to wait for more than 30 seconds? How about not-honking like no one’s listening? How about not honking the moment signal turns green? Most of us have this fake illusion of ‘caring for environment’. If you really do care for the environment and the air – reduce the air pollution...

I feel so helpless at the moment

By on May 13, 2012 in Common Sense | 0 comments

Helpless. Wearing helmet is important.  

Fashion, Hair Style, Accidents & Helmets

By on Dec 21, 2011 in Common Sense | 5 comments

Right at this moment, I’m looking at a long list of tasks I’ve in front of me. But I’m unable to concentrate. I hate the accident sites; but I happen to pass by at least one every week. I just witnessed an accident – a guy & girl riding a motorcycle collided with another vehicle and got severely injured. The mob gathered in a second and cleared up the road – as if it’s their regular duty. The injured were made to sit on the footpath but everyone could see their bleeding foreheads. The guy was helplessly trying to maintain his consciousness and cover up the injury with his head & scarf. No matter how injured he was; I wanted to slap him and felt no sympathy. First he was speeding at a place where people usually slow down. Second, he wasn’t wearing a helmet! I think people have no motivation to live. Second, fashion & your so called...

तुम्ही जगाकडे पाठ फिरवा, जग आपोआप तुमच्या पाठीशी उभे राहील.

By on Dec 16, 2011 in Common Sense, Wisdom | 1 comment

Heard the quote from Dr. Abhay Bang of ‘Shodhgram’ in Gadchiroli. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to listen to his talk. I’m not good at translation but it roughly translates to – “Turn Your Back To The World & The World Will Automatically Stand Behind You”. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Why Do Indians Wear Shoes? Isn’t It Stupid?

By on Jul 27, 2011 in Common Sense | 11 comments

Wearing formal shoes is a sign of ‘being educated’ & being ‘sophisticated’. Wearing shoes is a sign of being smart and being ‘up to date’. My Gym warns me every time that if I don’t wear ‘dedicated gym shoes’, I won’t be allowed to enter the gym floor. I remember when I traveled to Kolkata years ago, I wasn’t allowed to enter a hotel because I wasn’t wearing shoes (I’m not making this up!).vWhen I was in school, my teachers warned me that if I don’t wear shoes, I’ll not be able to enter the classroom. I remember when I was kid, I hated wearing shoes. I’m quite sure, you too hated shoes. Wearing shoes required me to pack my shoes with socks and then stuff them in airtight shoes. Shoes made me feel terribly uncomfortable. But I couldn’t escape. So I’d enter class and then take...

Be Energetic & Enthusiastic While Talking On The Phone

By on Jun 13, 2011 in Common Sense | 3 comments

No body likes to hear a dull and tired voice on the phone. The video phones aren’t popular yet, so there is no way the other person can see or guess your facial expression. The only thing active between two persons on either side of the phone line is your ‘Voice’. Keep it energetic and enthusiastic all the time. If you are upset or angry, do not pick up the phone. If you must, take a deep breath and then speak.