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ELFMD #1 : Wake Up In The Morning With Excitement

By on Aug 19, 2012 in Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

Starting today, I’m beginning a new series of articles titled “Entrepreneurship Lessons From My Daughter“. I’ve found out that my ~9 month old daughter has enough lessons to teach me about entrepreneurship. Neither me, nor my daughter can commit to a schedule of posts because she decides her own schedule of teaching me newer lessons in Entrepreneurship. I’ll share all these lessons with you as frequently as I can. Business & Entrepreneurship are hard, especially when you get that ‘growth’ thing in your mind. There are a ton of things that can take the smile away from your face. But the one thing that can do wonders is waking up with lot of excitement about the day ahead. I’ve tried this several times – you wake up with excitement and everything seems to be doable and ‘practical’. My daughter does that every day! She... – Let’s Never Buy From Them!

By on Oct 18, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 39 comments

Before I begin telling you my experience of buying with “”, let me first show you my latest ultra modern Cisco E2000 Wireless-N Router, which I bought from LetsBuy. I did a thorough review of wireless routers online and finally decided to acquire Cisco E2000; which is quite an awesome router for under Rs. 6000. Thanks to LetsBuy for offering me discounts and getting the product priced at Rs. 5899 just for Rs. 5310; not at all a bad deal! Blue Dart delivered the product at my doorstep after displaying the status for 24 hours as “Late Arrival At Destination”. Check out my most advanced, wireless router… Taaaaaaaa Daaaaa ( GOD LIKE MUSIC PLAYS & BRIGHT LIGHT EMERGES FROM SCREEN) Breakfast Bonanza Or CISCO Router? – Answer Me! Presenting the ultra modern PILCO Stainless Steel Euro Storage Bowl which doubles as CISCO Wireless...

Is There Any Talent Left In India?

By on Mar 12, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Wisdom | 8 comments

Unlike most of you – I am serious about my country’s development. But the more trust I put in people, the more disappointment I get. I sometimes wonder whether there’s any talent left in India. I’ve been looking to hire talented people and all I get is copy-paste masters who think they can quickly fool any system and get away with it. The most disappointment comes from people who you think are ‘really’ talented. From Ankit Fadia to Hassan Ali, India seems to be full of people who want short cuts to everything. Frg8 it, we evn us shrtcts in typin. u knw wht i mean? But those words don’t come from my own hiring experience for my venture, but from my experience as a recruiter for the companies I worked with. Copy-pasting job would start right at the ‘Career Objective’ in resume to a friend of mine telling me how Infosys guys were...

DTDC: Dedicated To Delaying Consignments

By on Jan 15, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Wisdom | 1 comment

DTDC (aka Dedicated To Delaying Consignments) : It’s been four days since I couriered few posters to IIT Kharagpur. Even after four days, the status of the consignment on your website is “Out for delivery”. I think Blue Dart is better. Public opinion, please?

Entrepreneurship Sucks

By on Jan 13, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Wisdom | 2 comments

Sometimes I think entrepreneurship sucks. You live in world full of uncertainty and also interact with tons of idiots on daily basis (it sucks more when they belong to IITs and IIMs). You’ve to be in control of everything – right from deciding what to do and how should your company progress. You’ve no one to tell what to do every day and you have to keep yourself motivated. Delegating your work is not as easy as it sounds. First finding right people for the right job is not at all easy because the there aren’t many talented people around. Then there’s nasty greed that pops up in your mind every now and then to grow your revenues and profits. When you achieve your targets, you want more because by then you’ve leaned new techniques that you know will bring you great returns. It sucks because you always know if you work smarter, you’ll get instant...

Aurangabad Businessmen Book 101 BMWs!

By on Nov 23, 2010 in Entrepreneurship | 1 comment

Entrepreneurs Rock! 🙂 Not too long ago, Aurangabad businessmen had created history by booking 150 Mercedes Benz cars. Now they are rewriting the history by booking 101 BMW cars on a single day! I’m impressed! Not just because they’ve done an awesome job and also availed heavy discounts on the cars but also because they did it to attract world’s attention to Aurangabad. They just got global publicity, possibly interest of investors and newer business opportunities. The city which otherwise would get neglected in Maharashtra (Because Maharashtra = Mumbai, is a well set equation), has lot of hidden potential. The entrepreneurs have shown that they care for the city and are united. Now with these united businessmen, Aurangabad can look forward to many interesting opportunities. These people can turn around the fate of Aurangabad and they have the power and willingness to...

Narendra Modi’s Secret Visit To Mumbai & Bangalore

By on Nov 20, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Wisdom | 0 comments

I always fall short of words while praising this man. The chief minister of Gujrat is surging ahead despite allegations against him and nay-sayers. While Maharashtra politicians are busy deciding ‘who gets what’, Modi’s busy planning for development of Gujrat and attracting all businessmen to Gujrat. Modi recently visited Mumbai and Bangalore to attract SMEs to Gujrat – and what else can we expect from a minister who cares so much about his own state. I sometimes wonder why Maharashtrian politicians can’t do it. Years after years, Maharashtra is getting deeper in trouble and neighbour Gujrat, despite the natural calamities is progress. I always hear praises for Modi and Gujrat from the people of Gujrat. The state has solved electricity problems and that can attract great investments to the state. While Maharashtra, which, to the best of my knowledge #1 in...

Will Kalmadi Be Put Behind Bars?

By on Oct 16, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 2 comments

As I predicted, India won several medals in the Delhi Commonweath Games – at least enough for everyone to think India’s got sports talent and slowly forget about how thousands of crores of their money went into pockets of the greedy politicians. Now that the games are over, and Mr. Manmohan Singh has setup a committee to probe into CWG mess which will take 3 months to submit a report. Once the report is submitted, our energetic Prime Minister will take another three months to take an action and by then, all of us will have moved on. With thousands of crores of Rupees at stake, my prediction (which is a no brainer!) is that Mr. Kalmadi won’t be put behind bars – even though such a big mess wouldn’t have been possible without Mr. Kalmadi’s support. But that’s my opinion. Do you think Mr. Kalmadi will be jailed? [ Oh well, he must be keeping his...

Building Another Startup

By on Sep 25, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 3 comments

In November 2009; I was involved in building a new startup; however, I couldn’t build it. Now, I’m going to start working on it again and I’ll keep you all posted about it. The idea I have is really simple but you all will find it very useful 🙂 . Stay tuned for updates and announcements. PS: Will disclose the details once we’re ready to launch. PS2: Building a new startup is way more interesting and exciting than working for INFOSYS, TCS, SATYAM and other similar companies. Have you ever wanted to be involved in a startup?

India’s Got (No) Talent – Underground Authority

By on Sep 24, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 1 comment

I am beginning to feel sick as I watch this episode of India’s Got Talent Season 2. The Rock Band “Underground Authority” is performing A.R. Rehman’s songs in their own way and everyone’s clapping. Judges Sajid Khan, Sonali Bendre and Kirrron Kher are enjoying. What the band does is take A.R. Rehman’s popular songs and sing them in rock style. All they’re doing is basically called “SHOUTING”. I appreciate the musicians, because they have the talent. But the vocalist is a total bull. I wonder whether people have become deaf and have no taste of what good music is. The judges can’t differentiate between music and noise. Look at the following video of their performance. If you like it, you are...