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My Only Expectation From Indian Railway Budget 2014

By on Jul 8, 2014 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Indian Railway Minister, Mr. Sadananda Gowda will present his plans for the coming year for the Indian Railways. Indian Railway, if I’m informed properly, is world’s #3 network. It also is one of the biggest carriers of goods and people in India – and the budget matters a lot to the overall economy of India. While there are talks of a lot of ‘new things’ being introduced for the railways, my only expectation from the railways is this – Make The Railway Stations & Wagons Clean & Maintain Them! I don’t mind if people are asked to pay Rs. 5 more just to make it happen. I had vowed not to travel by train or by bus; and take flights whenever possible, ONLY because of the pathetic condition of Indian Railway. I simply cannot spend more than 5 minutes on any damn Railway Station in India and I’m not exaggerating this! I’m prepared...

Startup & People!

By on Jul 3, 2014 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I wonder what makes some of the people, who are strangers, the ones I’ve only known through computer & Internet, put in tremendous hard work for the success of our startup venture; without asking for anything in return – money, publicity, favour – not a thing! They aren’t rich. But they care for the growth of our startup. Feels Awesome! …and then there are the ones who live in a practical, money-minding world. Both the types are nice and great.

Acoustic Guitar Wisdom

By on Jun 28, 2014 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Acoustic Guitar Is Meant To Play This And *NOT THIS Issued in all of interest of Indian acoustic guitarists.

Can I MODIfy Myself?

By on Jun 21, 2014 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 2 comments

My 60+ year old Prime Minister is putting in 18 hours/day  and here I am, half his age; writing this blog post after totally wasting entire Saturday in the name of ‘keeping it off for myself’. What makes me sad is that Mr. Modi has been working tirelessly without taking even a SINGLE holiday over a decade (that breaks my record of going to office, without a leave, for ~14 months). We both absolutely love our work; but he’s beating me to pulp when it comes to time management and making use of the time. I hate it! I want to eat simple food, do exercise and Yoga in the morning and work like I’m on a mission. I don’t want vacations. I want to go to sleep tired and fulfilled. Sleep for a few hours and then get back on my feet to beat the time. I guess that’d be awesome and totally *COOL*. But here I am, lazying around after having stuffed myself with an...

Indian Railway Fare Hike Is Justified

By on Jun 21, 2014 in Wisdom | 5 comments

The Modi Sarkar has announced about 14.2% hike in the passenger fare. The Congress Party and all the past rulers have found a fresh stock of ammunition against the Modi Sarkar and are leaving no stone unturned to tell people how “Acche Din” aren’t coming. I decided to find out the reason why Modi Sarkar decided to hike the fare. The information I found was shocking. Let’s first understand that Indian Railway has been loss making! You can’t run a loss-making system for a long time unless you keep on injecting capital in it. Former Railway Board Chief J.P. Batra has said that the Railways make an annual loss of Rs. 29,000 crore only on the passenger trains. The latest Railway fare hike will only give the Railways an additional of Rs. 11,000 crore. Which means the Railways will continue to make losses. The blame for the mess goes to the UPA government which...

Ultimate Guide To Living A Happy Life

By on Jun 8, 2014 in Wisdom | 6 comments

I’m pleased to make the ultimate guide to living a happy life available in the public domain through this Super Blog. Don’t worry, I’m not going to present you with tens of hundreds of pages of wisdom. In fact, my years of observation and research has allowed me to summarise the secret key to a happy life not in a page, not in a paragraph, not in a sentence, not in a couple of words; but just two rock solid words! Incredible it may sound; but every bit of what I’ve written above is 100% truth. It’s very important to put the things in the right context so that the chemicals and pulses in your brain are well aligned to understand the theory. The most beautiful part of the whole guide is that it does not expect you to do anything special; in fact, it doesn’t want that you do anything at all! Interesting, right? Understanding The Source Of Frustration...

Killing My Time & Committing Entrepreneurial Hara-Kiri

By on May 22, 2014 in Wisdom | 1 comment

The general elections in India have made me super-duper time waster. Every few minutes into work and my hand automatically moves the mouse cursor to open a new tab in Chrome, type a random news site name or twitter along with an uncontrollable urge to check out what’s happening in the political world. I know I should take myself lightly and not just bury in work; but that’s not the point. Getting a constant feed of updates from Modi, Rahul and Kejriwal has lead to a choke in my brain and I’m finding it hard to get rid of it. It’s a similar feeling that makes you want to check Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp every few minutes. You know it’s 100% waste of time – no value, no entertainment, no knowledge. I just want to stay updated and there’s no reason for it. Just a few days ago, I did an experiment. I decided not to open any of the news site or...

‘Kejriwal Explained’ – A Quick Essay For IT Professionals

By on May 9, 2014 in Wisdom | 2 comments

A lot of armchair rebellions working in the IT industry have fallen in love with AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal. I thought I’d write this quick essay to help you understand Kejriwal in the language / situations that you’d understand. If this essay fails to convince you that you’ve got it wrong, blame your tiny brain. Once upon a time, there was an IT company; say “India Software Corporation” aka ISC. ISC was several decade old and was run by Gandhi family. ISC was debt ridden and was on the verge of bankruptcy because of the corruption happening in almost  every business unit. The employee morale was all time down and they saw no hope. Almost everyone had thought that the company would die eventually and many of them were already leaving for other companies that offered a promising future. The only fix for the situation was to replace the family that kept the...

Are Indian Media Reporters Stupid?

By on Apr 24, 2014 in Wisdom | 3 comments

I’m seriously concerned about the gross intelligence of the reporters working in Indian media. Well, I am generalising because it’s become difficult to spot a sane reporter who uses his/her brain while reporting. Right now, I’m surfing TV channels watching the coverage of Narendra Modi’s nomination in Varanasi; and the dumb-ass reporters are informing the people about the security deployed. The reporter’s going in details about who’s deployed where and the overall security arrangements. The same thing had happened when Mumbai was attacked by terrorists. The reporters were risking their lives to provide us with the news updates and especially all the activities of commandos. A terrorist could easily get all the information just by watching TV. Reporters, please upgrade your IQ.

The Kejriwal Damage

By on Apr 8, 2014 in Wisdom | 0 comments

The bigger damage Kejriwal has done to India and Indians is that there won’t be any anti-corruption movement in foreseeable future. Those (like me) who supported Kejriwal and Anna Andolan with all vigour will feel cheated and if all the forthcoming anti-corruption movements will never have the response like the earlier ones. The young people who’re revering Kejriwal will realise how politics works (and its beyond your normal brain, people!) and we’ll be back to believing “Iss Desh Ka Kucch Nahi Ho Sakta”. Getting slapped again and again, gaining sympathy, organising attack on oneself, getting ink thrown on face is all a part of this dirty game. The players must look like ‘a real aam aadmi’ so that it’s easy to fake ‘mango man-ness’. I’m appalled to see the young generation being misled by the screwed politicians....