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Baba Ramdev, Congress, Satyagraha, Opposition & We The People

By on Jun 6, 2011 in Wisdom | 9 comments

Baba Ramdev, his Satyagraha, the government aka Congress, the opposition aka BJP and we the people are making headlines all over the print & electronic media. After looking at the headlines and how the journalists interpret the situation & words to please their bosses – I decided to write this ‘biased’ post. I’ve been reading comments to articles on Baba Ramdev all over the leading websites & blogs and found out that those are mostly written by idiots who are 1. Pessimistic 2. Clueless & 3. Yuppie. I don’t belong to any of the three categories. I’m a self-appointed deputy of common sense and following views should open many eyes & hopefully, minds. Can We Really Get Rid Of Corruption? In mathematical terms – no. But practically, yes, to a great extent that it won’t affect our everyday lives. The fight against...