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Describe Yourself In One Word

By on Jan 20, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

So, I guess your first reaction is – that’s impossible! Well, true. It’s impossible. There are so many things about you that the English language will have to invent a new word that combines all your qualities. Now, I’ll ask you to describe the persons you know. Now this task is damn so easy! You might just say – “He’s an Idiot”, “She’s a nerd”, “He’s a loser” etc. The exercise gets tougher when you’ve to apply it to yourself. I’m still finding one word to describe myself. I’ve come down to three words with some effort -> “The Big K” (do they tell you anything about me?) Take the test yourself and write one word that describes yourself – add a comment to this post. All the best! –The Big...