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Maharashtra, Back To Square One

By on Nov 16, 2009 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Almost an year passed by since the attack on Mumbai. What has the government & police achieved since then? Kasab has been caught and he’s enjoying z-level security in jail and Indian government is feeding him from people’s money. Media made lot of money. Reporters proved and boasted how courageous they are by unnecessarily ‘risking’ (pun intended) their lives. Police is still searching for the culprits while India has moved on [and apparently, unknowingly preparing for another blast]. There haven’t been significant changes in security. People sold T-shirts and burnt candles telling the world to keep peace. We lost our 3 super cops and no one really knows what went wrong. The masterminds behind the attack are now coolly planning for another attack. People voted for congress again to power. Mr. R.R. Patil is back to home ministry. We are back to square...