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Fun @ 30,000 feet

By on Mar 29, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Here I am:  30k feet above the sea level, flying parallel with the clouds, typing this post for you, while others are enjoying their lunch. However… I’m not enjoying! First of all, I’ve been allotted a seat that is just behind the wings of this big Boeing. So I get a clear, scary view of the wings. It’s a scary view because it constantly reminds me of the fact that my life depends on these wings. If something goes wrong with them, we all will be dead. I’m not a pessimist. Secondly, the kid on the other side of the aisle is miraculously silent since last 1 minute. I’m scared he’ll give up any time. Thirdly, the airhostess asked if I’d like to buy anything [choices: juice, water, sandwich]. In my opinion, I should be given all for free. I’ve paid several thousand bucks for this flight. Fourthly, …do you care? I’ll now  think about various strategies to save my life in...