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9/11 Attack: Did America Attack Itself? Rajiv Dixit Talks (& Makes Sense)

By on Jul 12, 2011 in Wisdom | 12 comments

Note: Following posts presents thoughts which not mine. However, I decided to publish them because I think the lecture by Rajiv Dixit makes sense. Since yesterday, I’ve been frantically searching for lectures by this man named ‘Rajiv Dixit’. Rajiv Dixit is no more, but his lectures and line of thinking is really thought provoking. The truth is not what we see with eyes. Truth always needs to be ‘unearthed’. For a majority of us, ‘truth’ is something that the ‘truth-makers’ show us. I recommend all of you to listen to the lecture delivered by Rajiv Dixit, just few days after the 9/11 attack on USA (included at the end of this post).  I’m going to pick up the main points for those who’re reading this post from their offices where YouTube is blocked. Do read and share your views with me. I read all your comments. Rajiv...