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Do allopathic medicines ever cure anything?

By on Oct 12, 2013 in Wisdom | 5 comments

Once of the latest discovery I made is that the allopathic medicines do not cure any disease! It surely was a shocking discovery! I had this vague & random ideas about the allopathic medicines – that they are the laboratory tested chemicals that enter our body, travel to the destination site via blood and start fighting the bacteria or viruses. These viruses eat, sip these chemicals and get poisoned to die or get ‘dissolved’ in them or are rendered dysfunctional. All of those beliefs were shattered after reading a few authoritative looking web pages on the Internet. I’m no doctor but I can figure out a lot of things correctly using common sense (gifted to me by Mom). So, while chatting with a doctor – I got the secret out. Here’s what happens when you take a pill to ‘cure’ your running nose. The pill acts up in your body and causes...