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Ankit Fadia – Copy Paste Wonder?

By on Jan 6, 2011 in Wisdom | 13 comments

Ankit Fadia knows more about computers than you and I. He surely knows much more than any average computer, networking guy. But is he the real wonder-kid that the Indian press once called him? First of all, I’m not jealous of Mr. Fadia’s success or the money he’s making through Ethical Hacking Courses and his books. However, I made few shocking discoveries on the Internet that I thought I must share with you. The discoveries (I’m sharing below) makes me think how ethical Mr. Fadia is. says Mr. Fadia’s first book “Unofficial Guide To Ethical Hacking” which he wrote at the age of 14 is 32% plagiarized. Here’s the proof – Other book “Network Intrusion Alert“, co-authored with Mr. Manu Zacharia is also on the same lines –...