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Anna Hajare & Convent Educated English Speaking Bloggers

By on Dec 31, 2011 in Wisdom | 7 comments

I’m totally disappointed by the ‘so called’¬†intellectuals. The convent educated, English speaking bloggers have already began calling it “End Of Anna Hajare Era”. It’s even sad to see that they call Anna Hajare a ‘Small-Time District Leader’ who ‘Fails to see the corruption of the big leaders’. I’ve said it so many times – years of slavery has resulted into us being mental slaves. Anyone who speaks fluent English quickly becomes an authority no matter how idiot he/she is. I’ve seen it so many times. My friends who went to convent schools would speak in English so that others would shut up and think how smart he/she is! The same goes with the English channels – the debates on English News Channels are thought of as the debate of the intellectuals – the people who know everything! I think the...