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Team Anna Political Party – Will You Vote For It?

By on Aug 4, 2012 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Yesterday was a dramatic day for the anti-corruption agitation. Team Anna called off their ‘do-or-die’ fast, without getting the demands fulfilled. The team has announced possible formation of a political party and contest the upcoming nation-wide elections. I’ve a strong reason to believe that the next nation-wide election will probably be in 2013 because the current government is already unbearable. I’m suspecting that people will get down on streets even without any call for agitation from a public/social leader. India surely is going through an important phase and it will have an important place in history. Forming a political party is going to be a bigger challenge for Team Anna. People are fed up of promises to form a ‘clean’ government; and winning elections purely on the basis of the image of the party founders is going to be tad difficult....

Anna Hajare & Convent Educated English Speaking Bloggers

By on Dec 31, 2011 in Wisdom | 7 comments

I’m totally disappointed by the ‘so called’¬†intellectuals. The convent educated, English speaking bloggers have already began calling it “End Of Anna Hajare Era”. It’s even sad to see that they call Anna Hajare a ‘Small-Time District Leader’ who ‘Fails to see the corruption of the big leaders’. I’ve said it so many times – years of slavery has resulted into us being mental slaves. Anyone who speaks fluent English quickly becomes an authority no matter how idiot he/she is. I’ve seen it so many times. My friends who went to convent schools would speak in English so that others would shut up and think how smart he/she is! The same goes with the English channels – the debates on English News Channels are thought of as the debate of the intellectuals – the people who know everything! I think the...

Jan Lokpal, You and Your Corrupt Brain!

By on Aug 25, 2011 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Like all of you (I hope), I’ve been following the developments on Anna Hajare’s fast against corruption and strong Jan Lokpal Bill. From the comments on my previous post, it seems that the Indian intellectuals are hopeless and pessimists who think Jan Lokpal won’t cure everything. It’s been repeatedly said that Jan Lokpal Is Not ‘Cure-All’. But those who’ve cared to read the draft of the Lokpal Bill drafted by the civil society members, it looks quite appealing and strong. Everyone knows it won’t solve all your problems, but it WILL cut down corruption by a heavy margin – which along would help India save hundreds of millions of rupees. Will Lokpal stop you bribing the traffic police? I don’t think it will – but it sure will make the corrupt traffic cop think twice before accepting the bribe. Would you disagree with me...