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Why Should Indian Students Go To Foreign Universities For PG Studies?

By on Jan 3, 2012 in Wisdom | 5 comments

Question #2 is why do Indian students go to foreign Universities for post-graduate studies? Question #1 is why go for post-graduate studies in first place? Okay, keep aside your obvious answers and counter-questions to above questions. Answer the following question first – Where do the foreigners go for higher studies? The answer is – they stay in their own countries. Why? Because they evolved their own system and offer better education than in India. So how long is this going to continue? Why not evolve our own education system so that students won’t have to go to other countries for education.  But that applies to those who go to foreign Universities for the want of education and gaining knowledge. 99% of the people opt for post-graduate education to satisfy their own greed and realize the dollar dream. I classify those people as hopeless idiots. The recent Anuj...