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Business on Terror

By on Dec 5, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

26/11/2008 – yet another black day in the history of India. I’m sick of these terrorist attacks. What makes me more sick is to see the business that’s being done by our own people on the terror. I call it Business on Terror. There are times when I feel sorry for the mentality of our own people. But no one seems to mind the dirty business on terror. It all started with the news channels spreading the news all over the world, and terrorising even more people than the terrorists did. Everyone was glued to the television screens for almost three days. The news channels cashed on lots of bucks by showing the ‘Only on <channel name>’ titles. Reporters trying to give us minute by minute update, by lying on the ground in front of the Taj, was absolutely unnecessary. The reporters could have very well stood at a comfortably long distance to deliver the same...