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Why should I stay in India?

By on Sep 3, 2008 in Wisdom | 39 comments

Couple of days ago, I had an online encounter with my friend who went to USA for post graduate studies. To fund his education he works as a night watchman. He told me he bought a brand new laptop in just 10 days’ salary. Then followed a long discussion on why I shouldn’t be staying in India because life in USA is way better than in India. I’ve been hearing this from almost all my friends who went to USA. They want me to be there. So, now, I’m thinking, why should I stay in India? What do I have here? I see India still does not have basic facilities. I won’t be able to own an Audi (which almost all my friends, who went to USA, bought in just few months’ time) if I stick to my current job all my life. I won’t be able to buy a big villa for my family. My next generations will have to face reservations in education system. I will never have a...