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Basic MS Word Text Formatting

By on Mar 14, 2010 in Wisdom | 0 comments

One of the major reasons I like Microsoft is that they have created a wonderful software product called ‘Microsoft Office’. No matter how everyone hates Microsoft, the thing remains: Life in incomplete without Microsoft Word. Online text editors come and go; but MS Word remains. Surprisingly, I have come across thousands of people who completely suck at basic MS Word text formatting. Ask them to write a simple letter and they will flood the text with unwanted double spaces, ALL CAPS, line breaks and incorrect spelling. Forget the basic sentence construction (I’d not blame anyone. English isn’t ‘our’ language, anyway 😉 ). Microsoft Word is damn simple to use and every tool you require to write properly formatted text readily available. But who cares? We just want to get the work done and “sab chalta hain”. PS: I just lost an hour from my...