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Secret To Being More Productive In Year 2011

By on Jan 1, 2011 in Wisdom | 6 comments

Resolutions made, resolutions broken. It happens every year to you. I know many of you must have made new year resolutions which you’ll break by next Sunday. I’m starting new year by making all superblog readers extremely productive by sharing a secret tip that actually works. My tip will not only make you super-productive at work and bring lot of success and discipline to your life but also make you immensely successful in your personal life as well. Ignore it and watch other superblog readers have an advantage. Don’t be left behind.     So here’s the master secret tip to grand success and greater productivity in life – Use Pen & Paper. Period.   What I am telling you to do is, develop a habit to write down your daily tasks, things you want to achieve, things you dream of on a paper. Note that I did not say ‘type’. In an era of digital...