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Think Big and Kick Ass

By on Jul 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I went to Crosswords book store to check if they have something of my choice. Normally, I don’t find anything or they don’t have the books which I ask for. For example, last time I had asked if they have Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art Of The Start” and they said its out of stock. My sister told me that she absolutely loved Steve Woznaik’s “iWoz”; so I was tempted to go and check out what’s in the book. But unfortunately, crosswords folks did not have it. One book caught my attention – because it had a nice title: “Think Big & Kick Ass” – by Donald Trump. I’ve read Donald Trumps books before. Some of the things Donald Trump keeps on saying again & again. Some of the most important of them all are:- 1. Be passionate: You have to have passion for something in life. You just can’t be successful in...