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Bharat Ratna To Sachin Tendulkar – What’s The Big Deal?

By on Jul 23, 2011 in Wisdom | 1 comment

I fail to understand the buzz around awarding Bharat Ratna award to Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar has proven several times that he’s the master cricketer and he deserves every award out there. I’m bit surprised to see the confusion Government is creating around this award about ‘Who’s eligible to get it’. Today’s TOI news says that Home Ministry of India has recommended that ‘sports’ can be a category that qualifies for the award. Now only Prime Minister has to approve it so that Sachin Tendulkar gets the award. …Finally. I mean, when everyone wants to see Sachin Tendulkar with the award, what’s the big deal. It’s in Government’s hand to decide who gets the award and who does not. For me, it doesn’t matter whether Sachin Tendulkar gets an award or not. I believe Sachin is just doing his job – he...