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Swami Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman

By on May 9, 2010 in Wisdom | 9 comments

I’ve been a Swami Ramdev fan since long time. I like and appreciate the path Swami Ramdev has taken to solve the biggest problems we face. In my opinion, most of the problems arise because people behave idiotically and this problem can be solved by setting the brain right. One big way to do this is through Yoga Yog. When you relax your brain and keep it cool, it gets all positive thoughts and then reflect in your actions. I’ve observed that Swami Ramdev’s Yog techniques work. I admit I’ve been late entrant to the world of Yog; but better late than never. I realized no matter how hard we all try to be ‘successful’, if we don’t have good health, all your success is of no use. That’s common sense, right? Also, Yog is not something you should do when you retire from job. Its something you should do whether you are 10 or 100. Get up tomorrow...