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Hum AAP Ke Hein CONgress

By on Dec 29, 2013 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Finally Kejariwal has taken the oath as the new Chief Minister of Delhi and already assumed the office. Having followed Arvind Kejariwal and having participated in the Anna Hazare led nation-wide agitation for the Jan Lokpal bill, formation of AAP came as a big surprise to me. Having read Kejariwal’s interviews that he’s a ‘common man’ who does not want to fight elections (which, by the way, looked very truthful & promising), Kejariwal forming a new political party was the last thing I’d have expected. But the reality is that Kejariwal has already became the Chief minister of Delhi – with a promise that AAP will clean up the politics by becoming a part of the system. I seriously do not know where is this heading. People said Kejariwal is the backup plan for Congress think tank; and I rejected their opinions outright. But the fact is that...

Jan Lokpal Bill Twist: Congress & BJP Are United?

By on Jun 20, 2011 in Wisdom | 3 comments

The Jan Lokpal Bill in India is turning out to be more interesting that I earlier thought. It was quite apparent in the beginning that it was only the Congress party which is against the Jan Lokpal Bill and everyone else was supporting the Anna Hajare team. However, now it seems that the fight is taking a new form: It’s people vs. politicians and I clearly mean the biggest opposition party – BJP. I believe BJP is letting a golden opportunity pass in the fear of losing powers that the elected ministers enjoy. Did you all notice how BJP is keeping mum over the whole Jan Lokpal Bill? On Times Now – a leading TV channel that I follow, the panel discussion moderator asked BJP spokesperson about clarifying party’s stand on Jan Lokpal Bill. But the spokesperson avoided the question saying that they will comment only when the final draft of the bill comes to the parliament for voting. And now,...

Baba Ramdev, Congress, Satyagraha, Opposition & We The People

By on Jun 6, 2011 in Wisdom | 9 comments

Baba Ramdev, his Satyagraha, the government aka Congress, the opposition aka BJP and we the people are making headlines all over the print & electronic media. After looking at the headlines and how the journalists interpret the situation & words to please their bosses – I decided to write this ‘biased’ post. I’ve been reading comments to articles on Baba Ramdev all over the leading websites & blogs and found out that those are mostly written by idiots who are 1. Pessimistic 2. Clueless & 3. Yuppie. I don’t belong to any of the three categories. I’m a self-appointed deputy of common sense and following views should open many eyes & hopefully, minds. Can We Really Get Rid Of Corruption? In mathematical terms – no. But practically, yes, to a great extent that it won’t affect our everyday lives. The fight against...