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Baba Ramdev, Congress, Satyagraha, Opposition & We The People

By on Jun 6, 2011 in Wisdom | 9 comments

Baba Ramdev, his Satyagraha, the government aka Congress, the opposition aka BJP and we the people are making headlines all over the print & electronic media. After looking at the headlines and how the journalists interpret the situation & words to please their bosses – I decided to write this ‘biased’ post. I’ve been reading comments to articles on Baba Ramdev all over the leading websites & blogs and found out that those are mostly written by idiots who are 1. Pessimistic 2. Clueless & 3. Yuppie. I don’t belong to any of the three categories. I’m a self-appointed deputy of common sense and following views should open many eyes & hopefully, minds. Can We Really Get Rid Of Corruption? In mathematical terms – no. But practically, yes, to a great extent that it won’t affect our everyday lives. The fight against...

Even If We Bring Black Money Back…

By on Mar 2, 2011 in Wisdom | 9 comments

I wrote a letter to Mr. Manmohan Singh asking him to bring the black money deposited in Swiss Banks back and it received a great response from the readers. I now have second thoughts on getting the black money back to India. Do we have a plan for the utilization of Black Money? I doubt anyone has thought about it. Maybe we’ve a rosy picture in our eyes that once the thousands of billions of rupees come back to India, we’ll turn India into America. There will be great roads, greenest cities, people living happily ever after and so on. Come on! Do you really think that’s going to happen? I strongly believe if it had to happen, it would have happened in last 60 years post India’s Independence. Let me tell you what’s going to happen even if we pass a resolution and get all the dollars back to India. Point #1 -The political leaders of ruling party will...

Swiss banks! We want our money back!

By on Oct 23, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

India leads the list of countries with biggest black money deposits in Swiss Banks. The estimated amount of black money deposited in Swiss banks by Indian crooks is about 1456 billion US dollars. 😯 Read that figure again! I want India to get all that money back. Its’ India’s own money. Why aren’t we getting it back? What is stopping our government to get that money? –The Big K–