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Why Is Baba Ramdev’s Campaign Against Black Money Important?

By on Jan 18, 2012 in Wisdom | 7 comments

Regular readers know that I’m a *BIG* supporter of Baba Ramdev and “our” campaign to bring India’s black money deposited in foreign banks back to ‘our’ country. Why am I supporting Baba Ramdev when lot of *intellectuals* are against him and his campaign? The answer is – because I have brain and others are idiots. I’ve the ability to think, analyze and understand what he’s talking about and doing. First of all, Bharat Swabhimaan is a brain child of the legendary hero, late. Shri. Rajiv Dixit, an engineer, scientist and a great patriot who devoted his life to telling people about the real India, our glorious past and what we should be doing right now. I’m highly influenced by Rajiv Dixit’s talks and recommend everyone to listen to them on YouTube. Why is the issue of black money important? Unfortunately, money can buy 99%...