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Come World. Kill Us!

By on Oct 30, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

It has happened again. More bomb blasts in India. This time its Guwahati. About 11 bombs in 15 minutes. The news channels are discussing whether RDX or Ammonium Nitrate was used. Few news channels are discussing whether timers were used to trigger the bombs. The ministers are making politically correct statements. The CBI has been asked to carry out the investigations. A committee has been set up to do the analysis of the situation. Red alert has been announced in Assam. We all are watching bloodshed, burnt cars, angry people, dead people on TV in between the breaks & commercials that say “happy to help”. It’s so common for us to watch such ‘breaking news’ on TV and we aren’t even feeling bad, angry about anything. Probably, we have become like those little insects that fight with each other for food and then die. We are fighting for the religion & boundaries. But guess what?...