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“About Me” Contest!

By on Nov 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

The Big K’ Superblog™ presents “About Me” Contest! Superblog readers, I’m pleased to announce the launch of “About Me” contest. Don’t worry,  I’m  not going to ask questions to you about me , rather the contest is about you! Interesting? Read on – Contest: Write a nice “About Me” page on your blog and submit the link through comment on this post] I will review your ‘about me’ page and declare a winner. I’ll also write a post describing why I liked your ‘about me’ page. 🙂 Rules: Huh, no rules. Its about you. [I couldn’t add more HTML to ‘you’, you see ] Questions? Submisstions? Click the “Comments(x)” link! Go creative! –The Big...