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A thought on finance management.

By on Dec 4, 2009 in Wisdom | 8 comments

If you think I’m going to talk something geeky or ‘high-fundu’ here, you are wrong. I’m just as clueless are you are about finance management. On the top of that, I’m not an MBA. :(. For a majority of us, finance management is about – Withdrawing less money from the bank. Using credit cards to make the payments and paying the bills just in time. Buying stock that our friends say will go up high ‘in the long run’. Purchasing a plot. Buying a flat. There’s nothing wrong with the above mentioned ways of ‘finance management’, but I really dislike the ill-informed decisions involved in them. Lot of people still think that they made the wisest decision in their life when they purchased a flat. A flat, your living home is a liability. Not an asset! I realized this after reading a lot about it. Anyways, I just got carried away....