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Bomb Blasts Rock Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazar, Opera House & Dadar!

By on Jul 13, 2011 in Wisdom | 15 comments

It’s happened once again. 3 serial blasts in Mumbai have rocked the populated zaveri bazar, opera house and Dadar area. The TV media is reporting that IEDs were used for the blasts. As I see the TV news – reporters from various channels are reporting that at least 300 people have been injured and several have died. The police, as expected, is saying that there are no bomb blasts and one of the policeman is insanely saying that it’s just an electric meter that’s exploded. It’s quite important to note that it’s Kasab’s Birthday today. It’s quite obvious that the people who sent Kasab to India have just found a way to celebrate Kasab’s birthday. It’s a shame on Indian intelligence system that they’ve failed once again to protect Mumbai from the terrorists. I’m even wondering whether the Indian government is behind...