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Who’s gonna clean the mess?

By on Apr 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Most of my close friends are in USA. They left to study, for jobs, onsite opportunities etc. None of them wants to come back. …and why should they? One of them said, “K, its amazing here! Feels like you’re in heaven!”. Its exciting there. I know. I don’t deny that. Who wouldn’t want cleanest roads, beautiful buildings, good customer service, posh work environment, posh cars et. all? Most of my friends bought second hand luxury cars – the cars that only rich people can buy here; for they are available for only few thousand dollars there. Plus, when you’re working in the USA, you can send money back home and book flats in Pune. Posh Flat, Posh Car, Posh Lifestyle – what else does one need? USA gives it all, for little effort. Then why should anyone bother to come back to India? Umm, because you’re ‘still an Indian’?...