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What The Hell Is “Business Intelligence” Anyway? (Hint: Buzzword Insanity)

By on Jul 28, 2011 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Few days ago, I met a bunch of my school friends at another school-friend’s wedding. Our topics were totally different from what they should have been. One of my “IT” friend was explaining his job at Infosys to a non-IT friend of mine. Naturally, he was using all the IT buzzwords to make him appear more intelligent & important at job & company than he really is. One buzzword (Buzzterm) he repeated was ‘Business Intelligence’). Now, as a startup CEO, I should typically use terms like ‘Business Intelligence’, “Business Logic” and so on. But I found out I never used any of these buzzterms. Confession: I was absolutely clueless about what these buzzterms mean! Bah! I’m a CEO who does not understand ‘Business Intelligence’! Come on! I digged Wiki pages and read first few lines – but BOOM! Still it makes no...