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Is Prometric lying about virus attack?

By on Nov 30, 2009 in Wisdom | 4 comments

The CAT 2009 online is a total disaster on the third day too. Lot of students, who invested tons of hours in preparations are now frustrated that their exams got rescheduled and the new time they’ve been allotted clashes with their other appointments/schedules. Prometric isn’t ready to accept the failure. They’ve come up with a master excuse that most people think can damage any computer, anytime anywhere: the computer virus! God! …and they want us to believe that a computer virus mysteriously entered their test centers on the ‘D-day’ and chocked all their computers resulting into hardware failure! Meh! What a lame excuse! I seriously believe its the Prometric’s failure to carry out enough testing of their setup to ensure that over 200,000 students can take the test smoothly over a span of 10 days. Prometric has been conducting other exams like...