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Guest Post: Terrorists are gone. What next?

By on Dec 20, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Following is a guest post by Abid of on Mumbai attacks :- What Next? This is the next logical question we all ought to ask. The siege on Mumbai has ended and yes we will move on. All of us will and that is the truth about human existence. I feel that we should move on but only after we setup an apparatus to ‘Ask Questions and Demand Answers’. We need to find out what our Governments, Administration, Bureaucracy, Security Apparatus and everybody else is doing with OUR money. I at least personally would like to know what is being done with that money for this country and for its people. I am totally at loss and I feel stupid at the way these politicians take us for granted. Politicians at the moment as I see it are totally not accountable. Politicians believe that we are fools and we can’t see the difference between good and bad. To start with, the biggest problem that I...