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How to write like Chetan Bhagat

By on Oct 9, 2009 in Wisdom | 58 comments

I won’t say I liked ‘5 point someone’ but I could manage to finish that novel in couple of hours. I read the second one, “One Night @ Call Center”, just to keep up with the peer pressure. Almost everyone I know is a Chetan Bhagat fan and every person who mentions ‘reading’ as a hobby in their resume has read Chetan Bhagat’s book(s). No wonder he’s India’s #1 selling author [claim made by his official website]. I decided to keep away from the third one, which had excellent reviews from the fans, other said it was crap. I stayed away from the book. Chetan is now releasing his 4th novel titled “2 states” which is about inter-community marriages in modern India. I read the teaser and found out that Mr. Bhagat has began writing novels that can be easily turned into typical Bollywood flick. I believe one can write like...