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When I appraised my juniors

By on Dec 4, 2009 in Wisdom | 3 comments

I never liked the way company appraisals happen. I belonged to the software industry for quite some time and have been a part of appraisals. I also had a chance to appraise my juniors who reported to me. I was blessed to have smart juniors who did wonderful job every time. I was seldom required to ‘guide/manage’ them. I’d just explain the job to them and they’d do the rest and always impress me. When I was appraising them, I had no reason to give them lower grades than they deserved. And I did give them the grades they deserved. But then, that’s me (/I). There are many people in the industry who can’t do that. Meaning, even if there are all excellent performers in their respective teams, they won’t give everyone the grades they deserved. They’d give lower grades so that they don’t stand out in the crowd. If they give well balanced...