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India’s Black Money Abroad: $500 Billion, Says CBI!

By on Feb 13, 2012 in Wisdom | 1 comment

The CBI director, Mr. A. P. Singh has said that the amount of Black Money deposited by Indians in tax-heavens abroad is over $500 billion. He further says that the money has been siphoned out of India through tax havens such as Mauritius, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, British Virgin islands etc. Not only that; India seems to be the biggest depositor of black money (aka unaccounted money) in foreign banks – a claim that’s been made by the Swiss banks themselves! He further added that digging out information about illegal transaction from India is a time consuming process as every step involves sending requests through the judiciary system. The ‘least corrupt’ countries are the ones that are popular as tax heavens (and why’d they be corrupt when the corrupt are pouring all their money in their banks?). New Zealand is the least corrupt country while Singapore...

Baba Ramdev, Congress, Satyagraha, Opposition & We The People

By on Jun 6, 2011 in Wisdom | 9 comments

Baba Ramdev, his Satyagraha, the government aka Congress, the opposition aka BJP and we the people are making headlines all over the print & electronic media. After looking at the headlines and how the journalists interpret the situation & words to please their bosses – I decided to write this ‘biased’ post. I’ve been reading comments to articles on Baba Ramdev all over the leading websites & blogs and found out that those are mostly written by idiots who are 1. Pessimistic 2. Clueless & 3. Yuppie. I don’t belong to any of the three categories. I’m a self-appointed deputy of common sense and following views should open many eyes & hopefully, minds. Can We Really Get Rid Of Corruption? In mathematical terms – no. But practically, yes, to a great extent that it won’t affect our everyday lives. The fight against...

Why should I stay in India?

By on Sep 3, 2008 in Wisdom | 39 comments

Couple of days ago, I had an online encounter with my friend who went to USA for post graduate studies. To fund his education he works as a night watchman. He told me he bought a brand new laptop in just 10 days’ salary. Then followed a long discussion on why I shouldn’t be staying in India because life in USA is way better than in India. I’ve been hearing this from almost all my friends who went to USA. They want me to be there. So, now, I’m thinking, why should I stay in India? What do I have here? I see India still does not have basic facilities. I won’t be able to own an Audi (which almost all my friends, who went to USA, bought in just few months’ time) if I stick to my current job all my life. I won’t be able to buy a big villa for my family. My next generations will have to face reservations in education system. I will never have a...