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DID 2 winner is Shakti – My prediction was right!

By on Apr 24, 2010 in Wisdom | 1 comment

In my earlier blog post, I had predicted that Dharmesh Sir would gather the most number of votes; however, Zee TV will declare Shakti Mohan as winner. The prediction has come true. If you see the poll results anywhere on the Internet, its clear that Dharmesh Sir led by a HUGE margin. I’d believe that the independent votes actually represent the results [It also reflected in the bottom two contestants; Binny & Punit]. I’m now thinking that Shakti’s parents would have bought SMSes to make their daughter win. You can buy HUGE number of votes by spending just Rs. 1-2 lakh. I’m in no way saying Shakti isn’t a good dancer. But she doesn’t beat Dharmesh Sir. In any case, reality shows on TV are just to fool people. The TV Channel and Mobile operators make all the money. PS: I know my regular readers don’t expect such posts. But as you can see, I...