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Democracy & Group Decision – Never Works

By on Dec 29, 2011 in Wisdom | 3 comments

The ongoing Lokpal mess has got me thinking – can democracy ever work? I mean, can a group of people really take a right decision? Through experience, I know the answer as ‘No’. A group may take a decision; but there’s no guarantee that a group can take a ‘wise’ decision. Ask a group of people to go and buy the best mangoes in the market and they’ll never be able to decide. The democratic system that we’ve adopted is flawed – because it relies on the decision that ‘majority’ of people believe is right. But you know what? What a large number of people believe is right; is not always right. For example, the world believed that the Earth is flat and then it required ‘one genius’ to prove everyone wrong. Collective Intelligence < Individual Intelligence Above heading summarizes what I’ve to say. For good...

Here’s a question for you…

By on Nov 16, 2009 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Let’s say some day, a genie appears in front of you and offers you following two choices- You get Rs. 1 crore and everyone else you know gets Rs. 3 crores. You get Rs. 80 lakh and others get nothing. Which option would you pick, and why? –The Big K– PS: Idea credit: Scott Adams.

Truth about Big K & Decision Making

By on Aug 8, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

To tell you the truth, I sometimes find simple decision EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Let me tell you about how I sucked at a simple but tough decision:- Time: 10:20 pm I’m about 3 kilometers away from my home, riding my Yamaha. I’ve my raincoat packed in my backpack. The weather cheats me and the raindrops appear all around. Extremely Tough Decision Process Begins:- Option#1: I should stop, wear my raincoat and resume my remaining 3 minute journey to home. It’ll take me about a minute and half to hide myself inside raincoat. Option#2: I should continue riding my motorcycle, accepting all the raindrops on my neately ironed shirt, recently washed jeans & shoes. This option would involve risk of havnig my clothes wet. The number of raindrops hitting your body do not provide enough data to make a ‘well-informed’ decision. Few seconds later:- I realize my clothes...