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Dance India Dance & The Missing ‘Grace’

By on Jan 2, 2012 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I began watching Dance India Dance after accidentally watching Dharmesh Sir’s audition (video at the bottom of this post). Dharmesh Sir, without doubt is one of the best dancers in the country and his precision is outstanding! The show turned out to be interesting but now, the latest season of DID seems to be boring. Why? Because every dance looks the same! It’s totally boring to watch contestants come after one after other and perform the same steps. I hopelessly try to search for some ‘grace’ and ‘Indian-ness’ in the dances but every dance disappoints me. It seems that ‘Locking & Popping’ & ‘Hip-Hop’ are the only dance forms that contestants want to perform. I demand some innovation in dance forms not just a mindless copy. By the way, here’s Dharmesh Sir doing it the right way...

Who will win Dance India Dance season 2?

By on Apr 17, 2010 in Wisdom | 7 comments

I’ve been following Dance India Dance because of the one and only Dharmesh Sir (aka Dharmesh Yelande). The grand finale of season 2 is just one week away. So let me know who you think will win the season 2. I’ve a strong feeling that Dharmesh Sir should win; but Shakti will be declared the winner by Zee TV. Cast your vote below: [poll id=”15″] –The Big K–  

Dance India Dance: Where’s the Dance?

By on Feb 27, 2010 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Agreed, I’m not Prabhu Deva; but then, you don’t need to be Prabhu Deva to identify ‘dance’ in a performance. Almost all the dancers (?) just do various body-forms rapidly and call it dance – and get those irritating salutes from the grandmaster. Come on, give me a table and I can climb on it and fall down, I can hang on to a bar for some time and then come down. Dance is missing from the Dance India Dance. -The Big K-