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Am I promoting Global Warming?

By on Apr 13, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I think I should control my browsing habits. Every time I reach that remote website from some corner of the world, I make a shocking discovery. Today, I realized that I’ve been promoting Global Warming! 😯 It hurts, but its true. Centuries ago, I decleared my battle against ‘sms’ text: Big K Vs. SMS. Ihad felt terribly good after writing that post. Today, I’m not sure if I should really be happy about my battle against SMS text. I’ll tell you why. I stumbled upon this post on Google Talk Blog: Google Talk Goes Green . It says the following – We don’t know about you, but we were surprised to learn the inconvenient truth that every character (byte) we send in a message results in about 0.0000000000000000034 metric tons* of CO2 being released into the atmosphere! So if we can reduce the number of characters we send when we chat with all our...