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Big K’s guide to writing email subject

By on Sep 15, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I’ve been told – “Your English is good”. I think its a good compliment. English is not my first language. I studied in a Marathi medium school and the only subjects that were taught in English were science & mathematics. I personally think my English is not good and I still struggle with grammar. Yeh, I’ve realized that I’m better at writing emails/blog-posts than most other convent-fellas. Over the years, I’ve realized, people really suck at writing email subject! Yes, they do! If we ever write a personal mail, we can never think beyond “hiiiiiiiiiiii” or “Hai” or “no subject” etc. for the subject line. In today’s world, when every cool dude(tte) wants to be cooler by using the “f” words & SMS style English everywhere, any time spent on writing tips for better email subject would be...