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Gadgetophilia: Engineers & Gadgets

By on Jun 20, 2011 in Wisdom | 5 comments

The world is full of weasel electronics companies who employ lots of weasel engineers who, at any moment of time, are busy plotting to take out money out of other engineers pockets. The Gadgetophilia aka the intense love for electronic gadgets primarily exists among engineers, but I found out that it’s spreading among others like swine flu. ‘Restlessness’ is the epic symptom of gadgetophilia. The moment you spot a better electronic gadget in someone else’s hand the symptom kicks in. You feel like snatching it from their hands and run away. I’ve had this gadgetophilia since long and it’s resulted into me wasting quite a big amount on acquiring gadgets which where kicked out of life by their own next versions. The weasel companies add just few more wires, make the device thinner, fix few bugs in the software and release a new device – and I’m on the Internet checking out ‘unboxing’...

T-Shirts For (Crazy) Engineers!

By on Apr 7, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Okay, if you are an engineer, I guess you’d like to buy one of these – make custom gifts at Zazzle

The sorry state of Indian engineers

By on Feb 15, 2008 in Wisdom | 15 comments

 Who am I to comment? I’m an Indian with a first class degree in Electrical Engineering & I love my country. Engineers are the nation builders, they say. But when I see 90/100 engineering students (who visit Engineers Forum ) don’t even know how to construct a simple sentence in English, I feel bad. When I see them asking for “ready made code/idea/topic for my engineering projects”, I feel bad. I feel terribly bad. The common people depend on us for a better nation, a better tomorrow. What are we going to do in life if we can’t use our head and mix our technical knowledge with our ideas? Or, is it that we don’t “think” anymore? Yesterday, I was discussing a similar topic with my good friend CEan – Kidakaka. He popped a simple question: “How many of us really get into engineering because we want to build something...