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Being the ‘external examiner’

By on Apr 5, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Here is one of the rare posts that will start with word ‘Life’. Don’t run away. Life is full of unexpected stuff. Today, couple of my friends wanted me to accompany them on a ride to their engineering college (few kilometres from the city). I said yes right away and four of us left the city on motorbikes. To my surprise, the college had couple of posh buildings & modern infrastructure. We roamed around the campus and it felt great. It always feels to go to engineering college – it makes you nostalgic. So, while we were about to leave; the head clerk of the college asked us if all four of us can be the ‘external examiners’ for the college practicals (exam). We said yes; and we were in! I was asked to sign few documents, envelopes and forms. I signed them and then I was taken to the Electrical Machines Lab. I could see five teams performing the practicals. The ‘internal examiner’...